Programming - Constellation 11

If you want to run a panel we would like to hear from you. There has been issues with the prior submission form and it has been changed. If you had submitted a panel using the prior form please submit it again following the new instructions.

Below is a list of panels that have been approved and are in preliminary scheduling (Schedule is subject to change). We are still reviewing some submissions and are still accepting submissions for Constellation 11.

Approved Panels

Convention Panels

Opening Ceremonies - Friday
Come join us for opening ceremonies where we will introduce the guests we have for you this year and go over some of the great things we have this weekend.

Murder Mystery - Friday
Become a solo sleuth or join a detecting team to solve the murder mystery.

Story Contest Winners Reading
Come listen to the winners or their representative of our story contest read the winning.

Guest Q&A - Saturday
Come learn about our guests this year, ask them questions, and put them on the spot!

Art Jam - Saturday
Are you an artist? Do you just like to draw, but don’t want to do so alone? Come to the Artist Jam and gather with others to just draw, sketch, and just generally “art”.

Cosplay Contest - Saturday
Do you like to dress up? Want to come shoe off your hard work or just have fun? Come to our masquerade/cosplay contest and show off your creations!

Art Auction - Saturday
Described by Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio as a “three-hour fever dream,” nothing surpasses the amazement and glory of the art auction. Come to bid or come to watch! You could loose your shirt for a good cause, or buy someone else’s! ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Closing Ceremonies - Sunday
All good things must come to an end. Come and wrap up the convention with us, discuss some of the best of times you had, and find out about the future years.

Submitted Panels

Klingon Pop Warrior - Friday
Jen Usellis (Commander jenbom sutai-toQqul)
The Klingon Pop Warrior is traveling the quadrant to bring you songs you thought you knew in the original Klingon. From pop to rock and everything in between!

K Pop Dance Party - Friday
Aaron Wood
Come Join me as we party and dace the night away to some of your favorite KPOP artists such as Ladies Code, BTS, EXO, Black Pink and many more!!!

Special Effects Makeup Demo - Friday & Saturday
Mara Fritts
Ever want to do your own special effects makeup but didn’t think you could? Need a realistic effect to complete your look? Come to a free flowing, idea inspiring discussion and demonstration. Where you can ask questions and learn how to create various makeup effects! Hosted by Mara Fritts of Madness Haunted House makeup & design crew.

Belly Dance Class - Saturday

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Belly Dance Show! - Saturday
Belly dancers at a sci-fi convention, you ask? You have no idea how nerdy these dancers can be!