Programming - Constellation 11

If you want to run a panel we would like to hear from you. There has been issues with the prior submission form and it has been changed. If you had submitted a panel using the prior form please submit it again following the new instructions.

Below is a list of panels that have been approved and are in preliminary scheduling (Schedule is subject to change). We are still reviewing some submissions and are still accepting submissions for Constellation 11.

Approved Panels

Convention Panels

Opening Ceremonies - Friday 6PM-7PM
Come join us for opening ceremonies where we will introduce the guests we have for you this year and go over some of the great things we have this weekend.

Murder Mystery - Friday 7PM-9PM
Become a solo sleuth or join a detecting team to solve the murder mystery.

Story Contest Winners Reading - Saturday 11AM-12PM
Come listen to the winners or their representative of our story contest read the winning.

Guest Q&A - Saturday 5PM-6PM
Come learn about our guests this year, ask them questions, and put them on the spot!

Art Jam - Saturday 2PM-3PM
Are you an artist? Do you just like to draw, but don’t want to do so alone? Come to the Artist Jam and gather with others to just draw, sketch, and just generally “art”.

Cosplay Prejudging - Saturday 3PM-4PM

Cosplay Contest - Saturday 4PM-5PM
Do you like to dress up? Want to come shoe off your hard work or just have fun? Come to our masquerade/cosplay contest and show off your creations!

Art Auction - Saturday 7PM-10PM
Described by Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio as a “three-hour fever dream,” nothing surpasses the amazement and glory of the art auction. Come to bid or come to watch! You could loose your shirt for a good cause, or buy someone else’s! ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Closing Ceremonies - Sunday 4PM-5PM
All good things must come to an end. Come and wrap up the convention with us, discuss some of the best of times you had, and find out about the future years.

Guest of Honor Panels

The “State" of Science Fiction (and Fantasy) - Friday 5PM-6PM
Max Gladstone
Let’s talk about modes of social organization in science fiction and fantasy: nations, kingdoms, empires, anarchosyndicalist communes, Hives, centinels, and necromantic capitalism. Some modes of social organization (strange women lying in ponds distributing swords) come back over and over. Why? Some arise brand new! Why? What can developments, changes, and enduring themes in the way SFF uses government tell us about how we feel about government?

The Toonami Authors - Saturday 12PM-1AM
Max Gladstone and Becky Potter
Science fiction and fantasy are constellations of "Taproot Texts,” volumes like Dune or The Hunger Games or The Lord of the Rings that inspire whole subgenres. A generation of rising authors with a broad range of styles and voices—Paul Kreuger, Bo Bolander, Alyssa Wong, Tamsyn Muir, just to name a few examples—draws inspiration from anime and manga, from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Revolutionary Girl Utena to Full Metal Alchemist to Yuri on Ice. Let’s talk about how anime shaped the modern field.

What can Time Travel mean? - Sunday 1PM-2PM
Max Gladstone
Time travel is a concept as old as science fiction, and a wealth of time travel narratives have joined the canon recently, including Annalee Newitz’s Future of Another Timeline my and Amal El-Mohtar’s This is How You Lose the Time War. Time Travel also lives in the mainstream—Outlander, Time Traveller’s Wife, The Discovery of Witches. What brings writers back to Time Travel and what role does Time Travel play in their stories? We’ll talk about history, memory, imagination, discovery, paradox, and anything else that may suggest itself.

Fandom Event Planning Discussion - Sunday 3PM-4PM
Becky Potter
What goes into planning a fandom event? Listen to and participate with a crew who has been there and worked on that. Ask questions, hear stories and learn how the magic happens.

Submitted Panels

Name that Cartoon Character - Friday 3PM-4PM
Shawn "MarAdul" Brock
In a twist of name that tune, you'll be guessing the described cartoon characters.

Cosplay Competition: What to Expect - Friday 4PM-5PM
Ben VandeVere
We will talk about the changes for the cosplay competition this year.

Game Jam - Rapid Prototype Game Development - Friday 5PM-6PM
Joe Demarco (Shad0fx)
Could you make a working prototype or completed game in a week? How about 48 hours? 24 hours? Game Jams are rapid prototyping game development events that happen all over the world. It is a way to stretch your creative juices and focus down on one project to completion, or working prototype. I’ll go over some what a game jam is, some experience I’ve had with Global Game Jam, and other game jams. I’ll also talk about some tips on how you can survive a game jam!

Klingon Pop Warrior - Friday 7PM-9PM
Jen Usellis (Commander jenbom sutai-toQqul)
The Klingon Pop Warrior is traveling the quadrant to bring you songs you thought you knew in the original Klingon. From pop to rock and everything in between!

K Pop Dance Party - Friday 9PM-10PM
Aaron Wood
Come Join me as we party and dace the night away to some of your favorite KPOP artists such as Ladies Code, BTS, EXO, Black Pink and many more!!!

Special Effects Makeup Demo - Friday 9PM-10PM
Mara Fritts
Ever want to do your own special effects makeup but didn’t think you could? Need a realistic effect to complete your look? Come to a free flowing, idea inspiring discussion and demonstration. Where you can ask questions and learn how to create various makeup effects! Hosted by Mara Fritts of Madness Haunted House makeup & design crew.

We Riff A Montz-ter Movie 3: The Search for Schlock - Friday 9PM-11PM
Vanessa Montz and Andrew Montz
Andrew and Vanessa are back again with another movie from their collection. What will we roast and riff this time? Audience participation encouraged.

Bad Fanfiction Power Hour (18+) - Friday 11PM-12AM
Vanessa Montz
Vanessa has scoured the internet to find the worst fanfiction ever written. Come listen to her read these abominations of the English language, with included visuals.

Murder of the High Wizard - Saturday 10AM-11AM
Vanessa Montz
In this Murder Mystery LARP you have been summoned by the College of Wizards’ head of security. After a string of deaths, including the High Magus Wilburton and one disappearance, the killer will be discovered. Play as a suspect or investigator (and maybe win a prize). Help figure out whodunnit!

Game Development - Saturday 10AM-11AM
Joe Demarco (Shad0fx)
So you want to learn how to make games? What does it take to put an idea down on paper and bring it to life? We’ll talk about my experiences in game development. I’ll share some knowledge I’ve gained over the years. I’ll give some tips for where to get started. I’ll share some of the not so fun aspects of dreaming big with game development. I’ll share my experiences starting out as a hobbies game developer to a freelance writer in games.

Creating Scenes Writing Workshop - Saturday 12PM-1PM
Matthew Nordin and Joe Demarco
One of the greatest skills in writing is creating memorable scenes. In this workshop, Joe and Matthew will go over the 6 key points and create scenes using an alternative method of storytelling (using MtG cards). Pen and paper will be provided, but we encourage you to bring your own notebook. A copy of K. M. Weiland's book, Structuring Your Novel, will be given to one lucky participant.

Belly Dance Class - Saturday 11AM-12PM
Leslie Mertz (9 Muses Studio)
Join us for a taste of Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance which you will be able to see performed at the show later today and in previous years!

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Belly Dance Show! - Saturday 1:30PM-2:30PM
Occasionally, stars get together and have picnics and give names to the groups of people below that form recognizable patterns.
The Sci-fi Belly Dance Show group is changing its pattern to include other performing stars in the community!  Join us for some added shininess at this year’s performance!

Spoiler Alert: Ending Sagas - Saturday 2PM-3PM
Ben Weese, Billy Peck, Anthony Benegas
We will talk about the end of Star Wars, Godzilla, and the end of several different story archs.

The Making of a Film - Saturday 3PM-4PM
John ‘Stan’ Stanfield (Nebraska Film Association)
Explores and discusses what it takes to get a good idea, novel or graphic novel translated onto the big screen film. Q&A at the end of the panel.

Beginner’s Klingon - Saturday 4PM-5PM
Jen Usellis (Commander jenbom sutai-toQqul)
Ever wanted to learn Klingon? Come and learn from the Klingon Pop Warrior.

LEGO Batman is the Best Batman. Fight me. - Saturday 6PM-7PM
Brian Hirt and Lauren Boswell (Lincoln and Omaha LEGO User Group)
Why can’t DC Films get Batman right (but a Danish toy company totally nails it)? Members of LOLUG -  the Lincoln and Omaha LEGO User Group - make the argument that the brick-built Bruce Wayne of the LEGO movies outshines other Batmans of film and TV. Disagree? Make your case! Also: Trivia and prizes. Also also: Learn about LOLUG and how to get involved with local adult LEGO creators and enthusiasts.

Elements of Creating a Dystopian Future - Saturday 6PM-7PM
John ‘Stan’ Stanfield (Nebraska Film Association)
Explores and discusses some of the critical elements that should be included in dystopian writings and film. Q&A at the end of the panel.

Kazoos The Third (Nothing But The Hits) - Saturday 10PM-11PM
Anime Nebraskon Kazoo Crew
Anime Nebraskon Presents Kazoos! Or something like that...Experience the Phenomenon for its Third Go Around. I swear we know what we are doing.

Role Playing Game Design an exploration in interactive narrative fiction - Sunday 11AM-12PM
Joe Demarco (Shad0fx)
What does it take to write an RPG product? With the growing popularity of Role Playing Games I will share some of my knowledge and experience with writing my own adventures to becoming a freelance RPG content writer. We’ll explore dungeons of creativity and find out what treasures may lay in your own creative mind. If you have an interest in writing interactive narrative fiction, or role playing game content this is definitely something to check out.

Open-source Aliens - Sunday 11AM-12PM
Matt Ahlschwede
Do you like science fiction, but not the mega-corporations trying to own everything?  Come to the annual presentation of Beyond the Spozak, a space-opera universe created with open culture in mind.  Stories, buttons, paper-craft and more.

Scenery Changes Improv Show - Sunday 12PM-1PM
Matthew Nordin and Lisa Nordin
Come watch Lisa and Matthew's blitzkrieg style of improv comedy. For 10 years, this show has been entertaining audiences across the Midwest. Help create a memorable experience through audience suggestions and nonstop laughs.

Where is ET, and why would we want to meet? - Sunday 12PM-1PM
Rod Vasek
The Fermi Paradox (given the high expected probability of extraterrestrial civilizations, the galaxy should have been colonized by now – so where are they?) has been a staple of SETI discussions for decades. We'll discuss this paradox, and we'll also discuss WHO they are. Be aware, if our own biological heritage is any guide, caution should definitely be in order for any First Contact.