While we highly encourage freeform conversations in random locations at any hour of the convention, these are some of the more scheduled activities. Please see the links on the left for information on Programming, Gaming, Art Show, and Dealers. Hours vary and will be posted as they become available.

    Artist Jam is open to the public. Chat with other local artists while you work. Saturday event, hours TBA.

    Writer’s Contest: rules Winners will be announced Friday during opening ceremonies. Please email if you have any questions.

    Costume Contest rules and sign up sheet coming soon. Saturday event hours TBA

    ConSuite is widely known for it’s beyond just snack food offerings as you relax and chat between events.

    Room Parites are a great way to meet people, add to the convention and get your name out (as an organization or convention).  These rooms will all be on the same floor.  If you would like to host a room party, please get in contact with us at

    If you would like to volunteer to assist with the convention please email