If you are interested in having a dealers table at Constellation in 2018 you can reserve one here

    Dealers at ConStellation 8:



    Star Wars, Doctor Who, Superhero and Sci-Fi artwork, design and customized murals.


    Designs by Jewel

    Jewel is primarily an artist working in acrylic paint. Full size 24x30 and 8x10 paintings will be available for sale, But as she is also a seamstress and craft creator she deals in cosplay costuming creation and accessories. Also available in the shop we will have a variety of Star Wars figures, collectibles and play sets in excellent and mint condition.  Commissions are accepted.

    North Lincoln Sam's Club

    Membership-only warehouse chain selling a variety of bulk grocery items, electronics & home goods.

    Mischevous Makings 

    Sci-fi and fantasy crafts

    Paul Keller

    Pop culture (Star Wars, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, etc) cards in three card holders.


    R10 Creations

    Artist Chris Ralston

    Reader's Choice

    Formerly in the Atrium building 

    Shawn Brink

    I will be selling signed copies of my Fantasy/Apocalyptic thriller trilogy entitled THE SPACE BETWEEN. (the third in the book just released in Dec of 2016).


    Silver Jinn Studios 

    Here at Silver Jinn Studios, we sell the full line of Alchemy of England products. We also carry rocks, minerals, crystals, and fossils. Handcrafted treasures of the unique and exotic, works of wearable art. As well as painted animal skulls, Hand made aluminum sculptures, and polymer clay miniatures. We also carry a local abstract artist's one of a kind paintings. 

    Tank-Zombie Studios

    Tank-Zombie Studios is the collaborative efforts of Author/Illustrators Axton Kahler and Jesse Kiefer. Together they bring their unique style and humor to area conventions and the internet at large.

    Ziggy's West

    A purveyor of fine blades, lovely baubles + other treasures


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