Harassment Policy

    In recent years, there has been an increase in the talk about the issues of harassment at conventions. The general consensus of the community is that we need to be more visible and direct about the importance of people feeling safe at our conventions. To this end, we created a Harassment Policy for Constellation, and it is available in PDF format below. Our rules document is also linked below.

    Harassment Policy

    ConStellation strives to be a fun, family-friendly, and safe place. We expect everyone here to be treated with respect. We will not condone harassment among our community. If you feel that you have been harassed, you may report it to any ConStellation staff member or at Convention Registration or Convention Operations.

    Harassment includes, but is not limited, to:

    • Unwanted physical contact
    • Catcalls
    • Heckling
    • Sexual innuendo
    • Photography without consent
    • Stalking

    If you would like to take a picture of an individual or touch someones costume, ask first. If someone asks you to stop doing something in reference to them, stop doing it. If you see something that creeps you out, feel free to report it.

    Every claim of harassment will be treated seriously, looked into, and appropriate action will be taken (keeping in mind the wishes of those who were harassed.) Note that our primary concern is that people both feel safe, and are safe. Please see our Security Policy for detailed information on the possible consequences of infractions.

    This policy applies to everyone in the convention spaces including attendees, convention staff, convention guests, vendors, presenters, and hotel staff. If you feel one or more of the hotel guest(s) (not with the convention) are harassing others, let us know and we will talk with the hotel.

    We’re all here to have a good time. We should be able to feel safe and enjoy the convention. Lets help each other out so we can all have a great time. Play nice! 

    Convention Rules

    1. No harassing other guests of the hotel. For that matter, don’t harass anybody!
    2. No running, yelling, or shoving in public areas.
    3. All weapons must be properly peace bonded. Security decides what is a weapon. Projectile weapons must be secured by security, i.e. a zip tie around the trigger. Realistic looking prop weapons need a blaze orange tip. Any weapon that is not or can not be properly secured or peace bonded can be confiscated by convention security and held until the end of your convention. If you have any questions about peace bonding your weapon please contact security in con operations. If they have any questions regarding your weapon they will not hesitate to contact you.
    4. The legal drinking age in Nebraska is 21. Please observe this law for yourself and for your guests.
    5. ConStellation reserves the right to revoke your con badge and eject you from the convention for any reason.
    6. ConStellation does not provide childcare services. If you have brought children with you, you are responsible for them.
    7. If you wouldn’t want to be caught doing whatever it is you are doing, stop doing it. Even better -- don’t start.
    8. Please report lost badges. If you have ID, Registration may issue you a replacement badge. Please wear your badge at all times (in a visible location, please).
    9. Please do not take food out of the ConSuite or room parties. These rooms have permission from the hotel for outside food, the rest of the convention does not.
    10. This is a family convention so please keep behavior and language in public areas at the PG level before 9 pm.