Programming - Constellation 11

Below is a list of panels that have been approved and are in preliminary scheduling (Schedule is subject to change). We are still reviewing some submissions and are still accepting submissions for Constellation 11.

Approved Panels

Convention Panels

Opening Ceremonies - Friday 6PM-7PM
Come join us for opening ceremonies where we will introduce the guests we have for you this year and go over some of the great things we have this weekend.

Art Jam - Saturday 2PM-4PM
Are you an artist? Do you just like to draw, but don’t want to do so alone? Come to the Artist Jam and gather with others to just draw, sketch, and just generally “art”.

Guest Q&A - Saturday 3PM-4PM
Come learn about our guests this year, ask them questions, and put them on the spot!

Cosplay Contest - Saturday 4PM-5PM
Do you like to dress up? Want to come shoe off your hard work or just have fun? Come to our masquerade/cosplay contest and show off your creations!

Art Auction - Saturday 8PM-11PM
Described by Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio as a “three-hour fever dream,” nothing surpasses the amazement and glory of the art auction. Come to bid or come to watch! You could loose your shirt for a good cause, or buy someone else’s! ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Closing Ceremonies - Sunday 4PM-5PM
All good things must come to an end. Come and wrap up the convention with us, discuss some of the best of times you had, and find out about the future years.

Guest of Honor Panels

Board Game Info for Kids - Friday 5PM-6PM
Christy Jessen
Does your family get tired of the same old board games that have been around for centuries? Come try out some new and exciting board games for your family.

Board Game Info for Kids - Saturday 1PM-2PM
Christy Jessen
Does your family get tired of the same old board games that have been around for centuries? Come try out some new and exciting board games for your family.

The Theremin - History and Demonstration - Saturday 2PM-3PM
Sarah Clemens
“Want to play a theremin?”. I show my various video clips, play a couple of pieces myself, talk about the history of the instrument, and for the last ten minutes or so, give everyone a chance to come up and try playing the theremin.

Pre-Raphealites - Sunday 3PM-4PM
Sarah Clemens
A glimpse into the lives of the Victorian artists who created beautiful and inspiring paintings, and whose influence on fantastic art can still be felt today.

Submitted Panels

Name that Cartoon Character - Friday 4PM-5PM
Shawn "MarAdul" Brock
In a twist of name that tune, you'll be guessing the described cartoon characters.

Intro to Afrofuturism - Friday 7PM-8PM
Lathan Murrell
The genres of science fiction, fantasy, and Steampunk, but through the lens of African culture, history and philosophy. Here we will dive into a whole new perspective on speculative fiction.

We Riff A Montz-ter Movie 3: The Search for Schlock - Friday 8PM-10PM
Vanessa Montz and Andrew Montz
Andrew and Vanessa are back again with another movie from their collection. What will we roast and riff this time? Audience participation encouraged.

Dere Say I Love You? - Friday 10PM-12AM
Vanessa Montz and Andrew Montz (Professor Shinobi)
Professor Shinobi and Vanessa play a Lovecraftian dating sim, chosen purely on the name. Do we get to date Cthulhu? We only get one shot at this panel, so come and see if our Eldritch thots and prayers are answered!

The Barbarian a Way of Sensuality (18+) - Saturday 12AM-1AM
Lathan Murrell
A deep dive into barbarian fiction and the philosophies there in on health, body image, Intimacy and our place in the universe.

Conquering the Tyranny of the Blank Page (15+) - Saturday 10AM-11AM
Patricia Scott
Patricia Scott will guide you through the process of creating a "magic" idea generator to help you avoid staring at a blank page. Everyone in the group will walk away with an idea generator of their very own. She will also share some writing tips she's learned over the years. Please be sure to bring a notebook and pen/something to use for notetaking. This panel is being limited to 15 people.

KAG Klingon Culture - Saturday 12PM-1PM
Sharon Boren (IKV Raptor's Heart)
Panelists describe the finer points of Klingon history, mythology and beliefs.

The Amazing and Astounding History of Science Fiction Magazines - Saturday 12PM-1PM
Mike Page
When Hugo Gernsback launched Amazing Stories in April 1926, he sparked the world of science fiction as we know it today. In this presentation, Dr. Page will trace the history of the science fiction magazine and share some issues from his own collection, paper and digital.

Everything You Ever wanted to Know About Makeup in 45 minutes - Saturday 12PM-1PM
Lathan Murrell, Kati Anderson
Here we take a deep dive into the history and science of makeup and how it has evolved into the many expressions of today.

The Battle of the Batmans: Which Version is the Best? (Hint: It’s LEGO Batman!) - Saturday 1PM-2PM
Brian Hirt and Lauren Boswell (Lincoln and Omaha LEGO User Group)
Why is it so hard to get the Caped Crusader right on screen (for everyone except a Danish toy company, that is)? Members of LOLUG - the Lincoln and Omaha LEGO User Group - make the argument that the brick-built Dark Knight of the LEGO movies outshines other Batmans of film and TV. Disagree? Make your case! Also: Trivia and prizes. Also also: Learn about LOLUG and how to get involved with local adult LEGO creators and enthusiasts.

The Wheel of Mortality Returns! - Saturday 2PM-3PM
Nebraska Swordfighter's Guild
A medieval weapon edutainment extravaganza! Come spin the Wheel of Mortality and learn how various medieval weapons were used against each other!  Can swords cut through armor?  How does a spear work against a dagger?  What's the best way to fight a knight?  All these questions and more will be answered by the demo team from the Nebraska Swordfighter's Guild.  So step right up!  Give the wheel a spin, and prepare to be entertained!

Cosplay Crunch Hour Contest - Saturday 2PM-3PM
Stuart Nelson
Contestants will gather in teams of 2-5 and will have 45 minutes to create the best costume they can from the supplies provided.

The Making of a Film - Saturday 3PM-4PM
John ‘Stan’ Stanfield (Nebraska Film Association)
Explores and discusses what it takes to get a good idea, novel or graphic novel translated onto the big screen film. Q&A at the end of the panel.

Elements of Creating a Dystopian Future - Saturday 4PM-5PM
John ‘Stan’ Stanfield (Nebraska Film Association)
Explores and discusses some of the critical elements that should be included in dystopian writings and film. Q&A at the end of the panel.

The Fantasy Roadmap: Starting from the Destination - Saturday 5PM-6PM
Wendy Callahan (aka Jea Hawkins/Lucy True)
Your character's journey may seem straightforward, but what happens when they get lost? A roadmap is just the thing to keep your story moving and your readers invested in what happens next!

Comic Book Movie Physics - Saturday 5PM-6PM
Lathan Murrell
Here we dive into some of the science behind our favorite comic book movie scenes. How strong is the Hulk? How does Ant-Man shrink? These questions answered and more.

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Belly Dance Show! - Saturday 6PM-7PM
Occasionally, stars get together and have picnics and give names to the groups of people below that form recognizable patterns.
The Sci-fi Belly Dance Show group is changing its pattern to include other performing stars in the community!  Join us for some added shininess at this year’s performance!

Klingon Jeopardy - Saturday 7PM-8PM
Sharon Boren (IKV Raptor's Heart, Klingon Assault Group (KAG))
Star Trek trivia Jeopardy style.

Eastern Mysticism in Anime - Saturday 7PM-8PPM
Lathan Murrell
Japan has been influenced by many different spiritual and philosophical traditions, from Buddhism to to Shinto, to even Mithraism. See how these concepts have made their way into the anime we love.

Kore Wa Kaiju Desu Ka (Is This a Kaiju?) - Saturday 11PM-12AM
Andrew Montz, Vanessa Montz, Lathan Murrell
It's an age old question. What actually constitutes a monster to gain the same status as Godzilla or Gamera? Our team will show their findings and asks who else should join their ranks. Cthulhu? Smaug? Clifford the Big Red Dog? You help decide.

Weird Erotic Horror Movies (18+) - Sunday 12AM-1AM
Lathan Murrell
've watched some very out there horror films with some pretty spicy character relationships. Now I get to share my fascinating discoveries with you.

Open-source Aliens - Sunday 11AM-12PM
Matt Ahlschwede
Do you like science fiction, but not the mega-corporations trying to own everything?  Come to the annual presentation of Beyond the Spozak, a space-opera universe created with open culture in mind.  Stories, buttons, paper-craft and more.

Where is ET, and why would we want to meet? - Sunday 12PM-1PM
Rod Vasek
The Fermi Paradox (given the high expected probability of extraterrestrial civilizations, the galaxy should have been colonized by now – so where are they?) has been a staple of SETI discussions for decades. We'll discuss this paradox, and we'll also discuss WHO they are. Be aware, if our own biological heritage is any guide, caution should definitely be in order for any First Contact.

Fun with Jackbox - Sunday 1PM-2PM
Jesse Smith
Conventions often feel like parties, so here's the chance to play one of the hottest party games out there! We'll be playing Fibbage, Drawful, Quiplash, and much more. Bring your phones, tablets, or laptops to the show.  Come join us as we attempt to keep this family friendly :)

Diversity in Anime - Sunday 2PM-3PM
Lathan Murrell
Anime has gone through many changes over the decades. Here we will investigate how different cultures and ethnicities have been portrayed across different series, the good, the bad, and the in between.