ConStellation 13 Programming

Convention Panels

Opening Ceremonies - Friday 6PM-7PM, Altair
Come join us for opening ceremonies where we will introduce the guests we have for you this year and go over some of the great things we have this weekend.

Art Jam - Saturday 2PM-4PM, Nebula Bazaar
Are you an artist? Do you just like to draw, but don't want to do so alone? Come to the Artist Jam and gather with others to just draw, sketch, and just generally "art".

Cosplay Prejudging - Saturday 2PM-3PM, Vega
This is where the contestants will meet with the judges and answer questions before the contest portion.

Cosplay Contest - Saturday 4PM-5PM, Vega
Come support and cheer on your favorite cosplayers as they show off their crafting and performance skills and compete for a number of prizes! Do you want to compete yourself? Be sure to check-in with cosplay contest staff by applying ahead of time online, or on Friday or Saturday morning for last minute signups.

Guest Q&A - Saturday 5PM-6PM, Altair
Come learn about our guests this year, ask them questions, and put them on the spot!

Art Auction - Saturday 7PM-10PM, Altair
Described by Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio as a "three-hour fever dream," nothing surpasses the amazement and glory of the art auction. Come to bid or come to watch! You could loose your shirt for a good cause, or buy someone else's! ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Closing Ceremonies - Sunday 4PM-5PM, Altair
All good things must come to an end. Come and wrap up the convention with us, discuss some of the best of times you had, and find out about the future years.

Guest of Honor Panels

Brian Froud and His Artwork - Friday 4PM-5PM, Vega
Sara Felix
Join Artist GoH to celebrate and discuss the artwork of the legendary Brian Froud, the man who created many of the creatures from "The Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth", as well as a whole host of fantastic and amazing creatures.

Very Old SF and Fantasy: Books we Know and Love - Friday 5PM-6PM, Vega
Kij Johnson
Join GoH Kij for a discussion about fantasy before Tolkien and SF before (and around) Wells.

Anime - Friday 8PM-9PM, Altair
Sam Schrant
The appeal of anime in the USA and how far amine has come in the last twenty years. What are some favorite anime. The impact of anime on the USA as wholly going mainstream.

Q & A with Kij Johnson - Friday 9PM-10PM, Altair
Kij Johnson, Dr. Michael Page
Mike Page will chat with GoH Kij Johnson about her career as writer and teacher and take questions from the audience.

Dune book and movie - Saturday 12PM-1PM, Altair
Sam Schrant
Dune about books and movies. The difference between the book and movie. Would we like to see a third movie.

Saving the world through science fiction - Saturday 3PM-4PM, Deneb
Christopher McKitterick (Ad Astra Institute for Science Fiction & the Speculative Imagination), Kij Johnson
Kij Johnson (this year's GoH) and I run the Ad Astra Institute for Science Fiction and the Speculative Imagination.

Mayhem and Muppets - Saturday 4PM-5PM, Deneb
Sara Felix, Patrica Scott
Come talk with Artist Guest of Honor Sara Felix and Tricia Scott about the magic and sheer joy of muppets, we'll talk shows! We'll talk movies! We may even sing snippets of the Menah menah song!

Kij Johnson Reading - Saturday 6PM-7PM, Vega
Kij Johnson
Selections from the short story collection THE PRIVILEGE OF THE HAPPY ENDING.

Tiara Workshop - Sunday 12PM-2PM, Deneb
Sara Felix
$15 per tiara kit, but people are welcome to bring in wire and/or jewelry pliers, but Sara will provide everything else. If they have a stone or something else they would like to use as a focus on the tiara, they can bring it too.

Tribute to James Gunn - Sunday 2PM-3PM, Altair
Kij Johnson, Dr. Michael Page, Chris McKitterick
Author Guest of Honor Kij Johnson and friends of the convention Mike Page and Chris McKitterick talk about the influence and impact the late James Gunn had and continues to have on science fiction and fantasy.

State of Sci-fi convention - Sunday 3PM-4PM, Altair
Sam Schrant
What are things going on? In sci-fi convention in general how they are going. What the convention will be in 20 years.

Submitted Panels

Let's Talk About PVC Foam! - Friday 3PM-4PM, Deneb
Adrienne Ottemann (Quite-a-Riot Cosplay)
If you make your own props and haven't heard of or used PVC foam before, then prepare to be enlightened! Cuttable with everything from an exacto knife to a scroll saw, sandable with as little as a nail file to a smooth shine, and firm enough to hold it's shape only ¼" thick as the blade of a 36" katana blade, PVC foam is the miracle cosplay material that everyone should be using but doesn't hardly know exists! Come learn the ins, outs, and tricks for using this incredibly under-utilized material!

Jewel in the Lotus Dance Company, Eclectic Belly Dance Class - Friday 5PM-6PM, Altair
Paige Roswell & Judy Thiem
Come learn to shimmy & shake with Jewel in the Lotus, as they bring you belly dance moves from around the globe!

The Otaku of Money - Friday 7PM-8PM, Vega
Jacob Flax (Golden Belt Otaku LLC)
Based on the United Kingdom Game Show, The Colour of Money, this panel features solo player trying to win a Right Stuf Gift Certificate depending on how well the solo player tries to stop the cash machine. The player may leave with nothing in this game. NOTES: 1. MUST BE 13+ TO PLAY THE GAME. 2. There will be two episodes recording (time permitting).

Q/A With Shantel Hendrix, fantasy author - Friday 7PM-8PM, Deneb
Shantel Hendrix
If anyone's dream is to become a published author, this panel will be great to have those unanswered questions presented and learn more of the process. If you feel stuck and there feels like there is no hope or not confident enough to publish, this fantasy author will tell her story of what she went through and which route she decided to proceed with to publish her books. Just an question & answer panel and see if this is something anyone is interested in doing.

Making Invisible Shoes! - Friday 9PM-10PM, Vega
Adrienne Ottemann (Quite-a-Riot Cosplay)
So, you want to cosplay a barefoot character, but the convention center won't let you go shoeless. What now? Come to this panel and learn how to make nigh-invisible shoes that don’t have to be glued to your foot, are fully reusable, and meet convention standards as well as any flip flop (not to mention are cheap and easy to make)! Intrigued? Come have your mind blown by just how easily this long-standing cosplay conundrum is solved. And this year, someone from the audience will go home with their very own custom-made pair of invisible shoes!!

The Best of Fantasy in Anime (14+) - Friday 10PM-11PM, Vega
Gavin Donaldson
The influence of formative fantasy franchises like Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons isn't limited to the Western world. Over the decades, many Japanese creators have invoked elements of Western high fantasy into their comics, novels, video games, and cartoons, along with elements drawn from their own national folklore and religious traditions. I'll be bringing you clips and analysis of outstanding examples of the fantasy genre in Japanese media, spanning from the 1980s to the current day.

How Vampire Movies Made Me Kinky (19+) - Friday 11PM - Saturday 1AM, Altair
Lathan Murrell
Vampires and weird sex things have gone hand in hand for the last couple centuries at least. So it is no wonder that a lot of us got many of our non vanilla interests form some of our favorite vampire fiction. Here we will discuss the movies, books and and other popular and sexy vampire media and how they "tie in" to the world's of kink.

Cosplay Crimes - Saturday 10AM-12PM, Altair
Adrienne Ottemann (Quite-a-Riot Cosplay), Stuart Nelson
Stuart Nelson and Adrienne of Quite-a-Riot Cosplay wax nostalgic with cautionary tales of the crimes they’ve committed against themselves, their crafting equipment, and the very nature of cosplay. Because, yes, they're award-winning cosplayers now, but even the best crafters had a time when they had no freaking clue what they were doing. Come learn from their mistakes and tell a story of your own dumb cosplay criminal moment!

Afrofuturism 201 - Saturday 10AM-11AM, Vega
Lathan Murrell
Here we do a deep dive into some of the major themes of Afrofuturist fiction. We discuss a differing approach to scifi vs Fantasy, narrative of collaborative heroism vs the lone chosen protagonist; how African and Afro Diasporic fiction differs. All this and more will be explored.

Conquering the Tyranny of the Blank Page (15+) - Saturday 10AM-11AM, Deneb
Patricia Scott
Patricia Scott will guide you through the process of creating a "magic" idea generator to help you avoid staring at a blank page. Everyone in the group will walk away with an idea generator of their very own. She will also share some writing tips she's learned over the years. Please be sure to bring a notebook and pen/something to use for note taking. This panel is being limited to 15-20 people.

Creators Crafting Circle - Saturday 11AM-12PM, Deneb
Yarn Guild of Lincoln
Bring your projects and questions, and join the Guildas from the Yarn Guild of Lincoln for craft time, laughter, support, and project help as needed (limited to yarn crafts).

Fiber & Fandom: We're Crossing the Streams! - Saturday 12PM-1PM, Deneb
Yarn Guild of Lincoln
Love fiber? Love Fandom? This session is for you! This panel will include the following presentations: Fandom Influencing our Everyday Wear, Using Crochet as a Costume Medium, Fandom Influencing Fiber, & Planning your Fandom Costume with Chantalle.

Otaku Strikeout - Saturday 1PM-2PM, Vega
Jacob Flax (Golden Belt Otaku LLC)
The second episode of the game that is based on a mix of Family Feud and Hot Potato. Two players each compete to find the top seven answers of a survey from a public source or a list from a board of twelve possible answers. The winning player advances to a final round where they can win up to ¥16,000 in cash/prizes by finding the five answers that were not among the top seven of a survey from the same board, and if they score enough, they can earn a ticket to the Tournament of Champions.
All ages viewing but must be 13 or over to play.

Cosplay Crunch Hour Contest - Saturday 1PM-2PM, Deneb
Stuart Nelson
Contestants will gather in teams of 2-5 and will have 45 minutes to create the best costume they can from the supplies provided.

The Wheel of Mortality Returns! - Saturday 2PM-3PM, Altair
Nebraska Swordfighter's Guild
A medieval weapon edutainment extravaganza! Come spin the Wheel of Mortality and learn how various medieval weapons were used against each other! Can swords cut through armor? How does a spear work against a dagger? What's the best way to fight a knight? All these questions and more will be answered by the demo team from the Nebraska Swordfighter's Guild. So step right up! Give the wheel a spin, and prepare to be entertained!

How to Have a Successful Book Signing as an Unknown Author - Saturday 2PM-3PM, Deneb
Eric Linke
A presentation on how to have a successful book signing event when you are an unknown author. This will include details on how to reach out to book stores, what you need to bring to the signing, and tips on how to have a positive experience while selling your books at your signing event.

Sci-Fi Belly Dance and Variety Show - Saturday 3PM-4PM, Altair
Jewel and the Lotus Dance CO. Eclectic Belly Dance
Nerdiverse - A Fandom Belly Dance Showcase

Documents for Tomorrow: Astounding and the Golden Age - Saturday 5PM-6PM, Vega
Dr. Michael Page
This presentation will focus on the major writers that appeared in John W. Campbell's Astounding during the Golden Age era, 1939-1949, Asimov, Heinlein, Van Vogt, Kuttner and Moore, Sturgeon, Williamson, and Simak.

Klingon Jeopardy - Saturday 5PM-7PM, Deneb
Sharon Boren (IKV Raptor's Heart)
Star Trek Trivia panel

Competitive Reading Event using the "Eye of Argon" Reading Rules (18+) - Saturday 10PM - Sunday 1AM, Vega
Patricia Scott, Vanessa Montz, Dylan Nigh
An attempted reading of of a sci-fi/fantasy novel using the "Eye of Argon" reading rules. Once the hosts fail, we will let audience members try to give it their best shot.

#@&! Zack Snyder or Snyder, Nolan, and the advent of mediocre adaptation - Saturday 10PM-11PM, Deneb
Thomas Scott
A simple dialogue about comics and the nature of adaptations, accompanied by a mild rant about Snyders way of film making.

Hentaaaai Iiiiin Spaaaaaace!! (19+) - Saturday 11PM - Sunday 1AM, Altair
Lathan Murrell
Here were will watch and discuss some of the finest space odyssey themed Hentai Japan has to offer. We will go to distant worlds, meet strange new creatures and get very thorough in our scientific exploration. Should be a blast.

Where's my Polyamorous Scifi-Fantasy-Kungfu-Mystery Series?? - Sunday 10AM-11AM, Vega
Lathan Murrell
Finding good fiction featuring polyamory is a struggle. So why not struggle together? Here we will talk about fantasy polyamorous fiction as well as share our own ideas on what we want to see in future books, films, and TV.

A History of Fight Choreography - Sunday 11AM-12PM, Vega
Lathan Murrell
We all love a good fight scene. But we're did those amazing moves come from? Here we explore the history of how combat becomes a source of entertainment. From the early fencers who would get work on stages, to the complexities of the Peking Opera, to the black Civil War veterans that started the first wild west shows. All this explored and more.

First Anime Panel Secrets - Sunday 12PM-1PM, Vega
Jacob Flax
Want to know how to do your first panel? Jacob Flax will informed you with great information on how to do your first anime panel with great success.

How do you.........sword? - Sunday 1PM-2PM, Altair
Nebraska Swordfighter's Guild
You like swords. We like swords. But how do you swing one without hitting yourself in the head? Come join the demo team from the Nebraska Swordfighters Guild for a mini lesson on swordplay. Equipment is provided and safety is required. Come learn with us!

Gene Coon: The Heart of Star Trek - Sunday 1PM-2PM, Vega
Matt McKeever
Biography and discussion about Beatrice, NE native Gene Coon who was the line producer in the formative first two seasons of Star Trek: TOS from 1966-67. He invented Klingons, The Prime Directive and Kahn. He also put more emphasis on characters and humor including the Spock/McCoy debates. The thesis for discussion is that without Gene Coon, Star Trek would not have survived past its first season. An update from the presentation at Constellation in year 2018.

Magic, Science, it's All Math to me - Sunday 2PM-3PM, Vega
Lathan Murrell
Is it math or is it science is a long time debate in the world's of fiction and history, but the two may not be as separate as we think for throughout the history of magical traditions, Mathematics has played a key role, and the math of magic is often the very same math that births the science we use today. Come join to learn more.