Constellation 9

    We are starting our planning for Constellation 9 on April 20-22 of 2018.  

    The site is being designed and will be updated soon.  Take a look around to see what happened last year, and to get a feel for what will be happening this year.


       Take a look at our program of events .

        ConStellation is Lincoln's annual science fiction & fantasy convention, bringing together people from all walks of life for a weekend of fan-filled fun every year. This year's convention was April 28-30, 2017, at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel.

        We've taken our inspiration for our eighth year in the Octopus's Garden... though we're not quite sure if it's located under the sea, or in outer space... come explore with us.

        Our guests of honor include Grandmaster author James Gunn, author Marko Kloos, and Lincoln artists Arden Ellen-Nixon and toastmaster Justin Lewis. Hop over to the Guest of Honor page and learn more about these fantastic folks.

        ConStellation's art show and auction, panelists, live performances, costuming & cosplay, writers contest, gaming of all kinds, specialty vendors, family-friendly activities, and so much more make for a spectacular weekend for fans of all ages. We are a small but friendly con, the type where good conversations and real connections are made.