Constellation 13 Programming

Below is a list of panels that have been approved and are in preliminary scheduling (Schedule is subject to change). We are still reviewing some submissions and are still accepting submissions for Constellation 13.


Convention Panels

Opening Ceremonies - Friday 6PM-7PM
Come join us for opening ceremonies where we will introduce the guests we have for you this year and go over some of the great things we have this weekend.

Art Jam - Saturday 2PM-4PM
Are you an artist? Do you just like to draw, but don't want to do so alone? Come to the Artist Jam and gather with others to just draw, sketch, and just generally "art".

Cosplay Prejudging - Saturday 2PM-3PM
This is where the contestants will meet with the judges and answer questions before the contest portion.

Cosplay Contest - Saturday 4PM-5PM
Come support and cheer on your favorite cosplayers as they show off their crafting and performance skills and compete for a number of prizes! Do you want to compete yourself? Be sure to check-in with cosplay contest staff by applying ahead of time online, or on Friday or Saturday morning for last minute signups.

Guest Q&A - Saturday 5PM-6PM
Come learn about our guests this year, ask them questions, and put them on the spot!

Art Auction - Saturday 7PM-10PM
Described by Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio as a "three-hour fever dream," nothing surpasses the amazement and glory of the art auction. Come to bid or come to watch! You could loose your shirt for a good cause, or buy someone else's! ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

Closing Ceremonies - Sunday 4PM-5PM
All good things must come to an end. Come and wrap up the convention with us, discuss some of the best of times you had, and find out about the future years.

Guest of Honor Panels


Submitted Panels