Sara Felix: Artist Guest of Honor

By ryan, 23 January, 2024
Sara Felix: Artist Guest of Honor

Sara Felix is a Hugo award winning mixed media artist who creates with inks, acrylics, resin and sometimes clay. She also is an editor for the Hugo winning fanzine Journey Planet and has been also Hugo nominated for her work for the past few years. One of the covers she painted for Journey Planet won a FAAN award (Fanzine Activity Achievement Award. She has designed two Hugo bases, one with Vincent Villafranca in 2018 and one on her own in 2016. She has created 4 of the Lodestar awards since it started in 2018 as well, Sara is also the president of ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, who give out the Chesley award. Her design work has been a part of many conventions including the logo and other pieces of art for Glasgow 2024, the 2026 LA Worldcon bid and the 2025 Eastercon.

Every week Sara creates a tiara for "Tiara Tuesdays" and has been doing this since the beginning of the pandemic. She has created over 200 tiaras for the weekly project and other commissions. With Glasgow 2024 she has made four giveaway tiaras corresponding to the Worldcons leading up to 2024. She shows her work on social media especially the facebook group Concellation with over 40k members.

In her misspent youth she was on a number of shows on HGTV related to crafting including Crafters Coast to Coast where she did two segments on one of the episodes.