Art Show

Thank you for your interest in the ConStellation art show! Below you will find copies of our submission guidelines, our control sheet, and bid sheets to print, fill out, and submit with your artwork. If you prefer Word/Excel files you can fill in, please contact us for the files in these other versions. We accept mail in and walk in artwork. If you are bringing in your artwork to the convention, we always have forms on site as well if you don't have access to a printer. The art show is not juried, and we accept work on a first come first serve basis. If you plan on mailing or bringing art work, please email to let the art show staff know to expect your work and save room for you. If you are unable to attend the convention, but have a friend who can, you are welcome to send your work and completed forms with them. Please let the art show staff know in advance so we know who your trusted friend is.


Please send any art show related questions to


Thank you and we hope to see your work in our show!


Art Control Sheet

Print Shop Control Sheet

Bidsheet 1

Bidsheet 2