April 17-19 canceled, possibly rescheduled to July or August

Submitted by jeff on Wed, 03/18/2020 - 01:19

We have discussed the options that we have available, and the only option that we felt is responsible to the community is to cancel the convention scheduled for April 17-19th. 

We are discussing with the hotel the possibility of rescheduling to sometime in July or August, we will post an update when we have more information about this.

Any registration to the convention will be transferred to the rescheduled event if we are able to get that worked out.  If attending that event doesn’t work for you, we will offer a refund. If we do not get this convention rescheduled, we will transfer your registration to Constellation 2021.

If you were planning on having a role in the convention, you should be being contacted by the department that is managing that portion of the convention. Examples: dealers, a community group at a table, running/taking part in a panel, etc

An item to look forward to:  The writers contest will continue on the original schedule, winners will be announced and published on the web site the weekend of April 17th.  Prizes will be presented at the next convention.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Constellation convention, and hope for you and your families well being.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at conchair@constellationne.net