Diane Taurins: Artist Guest of Honor

Submitted by ryan on Wed, 03/22/2023 - 18:27
Constellation 12 Artist Guest of Honor Diane Taurins

Hi, I'm Diane Taurins. I don’t do art as a full-time job, but I have a wonderful studio at home, and I’m always thinking of ideas and imagining pieces I’d like to do.

I do pieces primarily for myself. I make things that I’d want to hang on my own walls at home. If someone else likes them and wants to buy them, that’s a bonus. It's fun to see photos of my artwork on other people's walls.

I’ve had work published in JANE magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the cover of Soccer Journal. It was really fun selling art to Comedy Central network for a pilot called, "Not Another High School Show." You can find the entire pilot on YouTube. My artwork of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is on one of the character's easel, and he even pretends to work on the piece at one point.

You can find my art on instagram.